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Blake Stahl – Marine Surveyor

The purchase of a vessel is a considerable financial commitment. Identifying the right surveyor is critical.

Request a sample survey report, reviewing work product is the best way to “interview” a surveyor.
Blake Stahl & Associates is happy to provide samples of work with proprietary information removed.
Marine surveying is an unregulated industry. Anyone can wake up one morning, call themselves a marine surveyor and start a business.

Hire an Accredited Marine Surveyor [AMS] in good standing with his/her accreditation agency. Many insurance underwriters and lenders will not accept surveys from a non-accredited surveyor as they have not been fully vetted and haven’t yet met the requirements for accreditation.

Find out how long the surveyor has been in business and if they have experience surveying the particular class of vessel you are considering.


Blake Stahl & Associates Marine Surveyors and Consultants

There is no replacement for experience.

Society of Accresdited Marine Surveyors ABYC NFPA

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