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ALL inspections are conducted personally by Blake and all work is confidential.
This ensures accuracy and accountability to the client. He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Miami and has established himself as a leading Marine Surveyor worldwide.

Marine Surveys and Consulting from Blake Stahl

Blake specializes in surveying custom or production built vessels up to 150’.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase survey is a detailed inspection of a vessel’s structural and watertight integrity, system’s installations, operating condition, and performance. The vessel is hauled out for bottom inspection and sea trials are conducted. All reports are comprehensive and include an equipment list, specifications, a detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations and market valuations. Pre-purchase survey reports provide the client with information required to make an informed and educated decision about purchase or non-purchase of a vessel.

Buyer’s Agent Services

Inspections are typically conducted for potential buyers prior to making an offer for purchase and/or entering a purchase contract. Client dictated criteria and a group of potential vessels are established. Inspections are conducted to determine the general condition and feasibility of the vessel given the client’s specification. Photographs and/or video are included as well as comments from the surveyor. This has proven most beneficial to clients considering vessels located overseas as it minimizes time and expense, maximizes fact finding and avoids lengthy negotiations on a vessel that may not ultimately meet their needs for purchase. This service is irrespective of the purchase or non-purchase of a particular vessel and is not a replacement for working with a qualified yacht broker.

New Construction Consultation and Surveys

A series of surveys conducted on a progressive inspection schedule throughout the vessels construction. Inspections include observations of the structural integrity, installation of systems, and cosmetic fit and finish. A Final Acceptance Survey is conducted upon completion of the build. Blake has been involved in new construction surveys in North Carolina, Florida, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Insurance Surveys

A survey conducted to determine marine risk and value of a vessel, and is often used for insurance policy renewal.

Financial Evaluation Surveys

A survey conducted to determine the vessel’s market value and is primarily used for refinancing, estate settlement and separation of asset valuation.

Customs Surveys

A survey conducted on foreign registered vessels being imported into the United States to determine market value for import duty [tax] assessment.

General Consultation

Consulting and/or surveys tailored to meet the needs of professionals in the legal, insurance and financial sectors of the marine industry.

Society of Accresdited Marine Surveyors ABYC NFPA

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